Daily Care for Your Cats, Dogs, Birds ,Horses, just about any Cherished Animal


Most of our dog walking clients are on a daily schedule so their pup gets a pee break and some time outside while they're at work. And if the visit falls around mealtime (say you call us because you found out you have to work late), we'll also feed your pet if you'd like. A visit lasts 30 minutes and includes walking, some play time, feeding, administering medication (if applicable) and outdoor/indoor clean-ups.

Of course, this isn't limited to dogs only. We'll come visit your cat, bird, horse, pig, lizard—whomever you have who could use a little company or care.

We are animal lovers too! We know how to care for and love your pet, providing both emotional and physical needs. We are pet owners ourselves, everything from fish to horses, which we have owned and cared for for decades. Moreover, we have a background in health care, so there is no problem with shots or specialized care directed by your vet.

EMAIL Donna: donna@leashladies.com

Standard Rate: $20/visit

Each additional pet is an additional $5.00/visit.